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Alessandro Blasimme

Alessandro Blasimme

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Alessandro Blasimme was a Spring 2014 Fulbright – Schuman Visiting Research Fellow at the Harvard STS Program. During his stay, he conducted comparative research on the regulatory controversies surrounding the offer of unproven stem cell therapies in the US and in Europe. A native Italian, Alessandro is based in Toulouse (France) where he works as a postdoctoral research fellow for INSERM, the French national institute for health and medical research where he focuses on innovation in biomedicine and on its ethical, regulatory and political consequences. He is particularly interested in the evolution of evidentiary standards of risk assessment and clinical validation with respect to highly promissory instances of biomedical innovation, such as regenerative medicine and personalized medicine.

He received interdisciplinary training in bioethics, STS and molecular biology in his PhD Program on “Foundations and Ethics of the Life Sciences (FOLSATEC)”  at the University of Milan (European School of Molecular Medicine) where his doctoral dissertation explored the governance of regenerative medicine, reconstructing the ordering tools that are deployed to tame the novelty of this therapeutic approach. This work highlighted the emergence of divergent models of clinical validation based on contrasting epistemic, ethical and regulatory assumptions. Based on these findings he went on to further research projects exploring the translational imaginaries of current biomedicine and their implications for patients, public health and the polity. He received both his undergraduate degree in Political Philosophy and his MPhil in Bioethics from the Sapienza University of Rome


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