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Daniela Schuh

Daniela Schuh

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Daniela Schuh was a Predoctoral Fellow with the Program on Science, Technology and Society from October 2013-May 2014. Her research interests concern national approaches of governing biotechnologies in Europe. While at the STS Program, Daniela worked on a Faraday Institute funded project entitled “Biology and the Law” in which she compared interactions between biology and the law around stem cell research and synthetic biology in Germany and Britain. 

Daniela’s PhD-project, titled “Re-framing Citizenship in Bioconstitutional Futures” sets out to investigate how administrative and legal bodies in France and Germany create and cope with legal challenges posed by international surrogacy arrangements. At the centre of this work lies the question how these arrangements challenge culturally rooted ideas of belonging while raising fundamental questions about the relationship between nation states and their citizens in a globalized technoscientific world. Engaging with state of the art theories from Science and Technology Studies but also Citizenship- and Critical Legal Studies, she further aims to contextualize the negotiation of citizenship within a history of scientific change and technological achievements.

Prior to doctoral studies, Daniela studied Sociology and Law and completed her Master’s Degree in Sociology with major focus on Science and Technology Studies. While at graduate school, Daniela worked as research assistant at the University of Vienna with the project “Open Places,” a platform of local authorities and communicators engaged in science. Daniela’s doctoral research is fully funded by a scholarship program of the University of Vienna and supervised by Ulrike Felt, head of the Department of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna.

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