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Gabriel Dorthe

Gabriel Dorthe

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Gabriel Dorthe has been a Visiting Research Fellow with the Harvard STS Program in 2014-15 (Swiss NSF Doc.Mobility grant). He is a PhD candidate at University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and at the Sorbonne University (Paris I). He explores the transhumanist movement through the means of philosophy and STS, confronting the movement’s publicized narratives and its activists’ everyday practices. He describes and criticizes how transhumanists associations explicit their hopes and formulate their expectations. During his stay at Harvard, Gabriel has been involved in The Future Society at Harvard Kennedy School, and helped develop a partnership between this new student club and the STS Program.

Setting aside some of the larger and most publicized transhumanist narratives, Gabriel focuses on their everyday activities and statements. Involved in field work as an embedded researcher within the French Transhumanist Association, he is interested in critically describing their specific technical culture, as well as looking at how they craft their expectations and build their epistemology. His thesis states that transhumanist activists form a particular public of emerging technologies that share a concern and feeling of loss of control with other contemporary society’s actors. How they relate to technical objects should inform policy issues and metaphysical visions of the future.

Gabriel received a MA in philosophy and social sciences from University of Lausanne in 2009. He is deeply involved in the dialogue between science and society through his participation in various initiatives like the “Interface Sciences-Société” of the University of Lausanne, the “Festival francophone de philosophie”, the “Groupe vaudois de philosophie” and the “Projet Socrate” which looks at what philosophy can bring to business to make it more responsive and responsible in today’s world.

Gabriel is an active member of NeoHumanitas, a think tank promoting reflection about the consequences of emerging technologies; board member of Nanopublic, the Nanotechnology and Society interdisciplinary Platform of the University of Lausanne; board member and webmaster of the Swiss Society of Philosophy; member of STS-CH (Swiss Association for the Studies of Science, Technology and Society), the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), as well as the Science and Democracy Network.

Publications (sample)

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