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Hilton Simmet

Hilton Simmet

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Hilton Simmet is a Research Assistant at the STS Program at Harvard. In this role, he will provide research assistance to the National Science Foundation project “Traveling Imaginaries: A Comparative Study of Three Models of Innovation in Transnational Implementation” and on the Who Knows? project funded by a grant from the Bassetti Foundation. He will also serve as a Teaching Fellow for ESPP 78: Environmental Politics. He just returned from Senegal, where he spent the 2015-2016 academic year as Fulbright Scholar looking at how varied imaginaries of development compete for time and value, and how local modes of world-making intersect with global concerns about sustainable development, migration, and progress.

This research continues the work Hilton completed in his honors thesis in Harvard’s Social Studies program, which won the STS Undergraduate Prize. In “Dreaming the Dark Mountain: Time, Development, and Economy in Senegal’s Ecovillages,” Hilton interrogated the implicit epistemic and ethical assumptions of modernity—drawing primarily from works of 20th century German social thought. By problematizing the ways development discourse reduces a plurality of interests and experiences of the world into linear notions of progress and time-as-capital, his research aims to understand how and whether more discursively open forms of deliberation can occur in international relations.