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Hilton Simmet

Hilton Simmet

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Hilton Simmet is a Research Associate in the STS Program at Harvard and a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Yale University. He holds an A.B. in Social Studies from Harvard College and was a Fulbright fellow in Senegal.Hilton has been working in the STS program for some time, with his undergraduate thesis, “Dreaming the Dark Mountain: Time, Development, and Economy in Senegal’s Ecovillages,” receiving the STS Undergraduate Prize in 2015. In addition to his doctoral work in political theory at Yale, he is conducting research on the National Science Foundation project “Traveling Imaginaries: A Comparative Study of Three Models of Innovation in Transnational Implementation” in Bangalore.

Broadly he is interested in the intersection of STS and political theory, and in developing an understanding of how imported imaginaries of economic and technological progress shape democratic practices by looking comparatively at efforts to promote rural electrification in Senegal and high-tech innovation in India.