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Ian Vincent McGonigle

Ian Vincent McGonigle

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Israel Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, Ian McGonigle, is a scientist and anthropologist working at the intersection of social studies of science, philosophical anthropology, and Middle Eastern studies. He is broadly interested in the ways culture and history affect how scientific knowledge is produced, understood, and utilized. He is currently developing a study of national science in contemporary Israel.


Previously, Ian was a postdoctoral research scientist at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, where he also held a Medical Research Council UK studentship and completed his PhD (2010), investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying neurotransmitter receptor function. Ian also holds a BA in Biochemistry with Cell Biology from Trinity College Dublin (2007), an MA in Cultural Anthropology from University of Chicago (2013), and an AM in Social Anthropology from Harvard University


Key publications:

McGonigle, Ian Vincent “Spirits and Molecules: Ethnopharmacology and Symmetrical Epistemological Pluralism.” Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology (2015).

McGonigle, Ian Vincent “Framing British Drug Policy.” Science and Technology Studies: The Next Twenty, (2014).

McGonigle, Ian Vincent. “Khat: Chewing on a bitter controversy.” Anthropology Today 29 (2013): 4–7.

McGonigle, Ian Vincent. “Bruno Latour: A Philosophical Critic of ‘Facts’ and ‘Modernity’.” Science as Culture 21 (2012): 556–560.

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