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Joakim Juhl

Joakim Juhl

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Joakim Juhl is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Program on Science, Technology & Society (STS). His current research centers on how we can better interpret the roles of models and simulations as a characteristic mode of mediation between science, technology and society. Joakim works for Sheila Jasanoff and the STS program and assists Venky Narayanamurti with his course Technology and Society.

A part of Joakim’s work is to organize events that bridge SEAS and STS. Besides the institutional efforts related to Harvard STS and SEAS, Joakim will continue his research on models and simulations as a characteristic mode of mediation between science, technology and society. A central research interest is how we can understand models and simulations as a special category of socio-technical imaginaries in terms of how they interrelate social, political, and epistemological dimensions in co-production.

Joakim holds a PhD in STS from Aalborg University’s Doctoral School of Engineering and Science. He has a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark. He based his dissertation “Models in Action –realizing abstractions” on an ethnographic study of modeling practices in a Danish collaboration between industrial and scientific parties. In his thesis, Joakim draws out an interpretation of the industrial application of modeling as a practice that rather than adhering to classical scientific ideals such as representational accuracy and truth-value, instead trades off such traits in order to better apply operationally to its target environment. Joakim calls this perspective Prescriptive Application.

During 2012 and 2013 Joakim worked at Aalborg University on the development of the new engineering Bachelors & Master Program Sustainable Design that combines ST&S perspectives with technical engineering. Joakim has taught the master course “Knowledge & Innovation in Networks” at the Technical University of Denmark and has been a guest lecturer on Actor-Network Theory at the Master of Applied Cultural Analysis program at Copenhagen University and Lund University. He also worked as a special consultant on front-end innovation and conducted workshops for product developers, human resource officers, and innovation managers at Alfa Laval, the international manufacturer of industrial separation processing equipment.


(2013) Representations and Visual Synthesis in Engineering Design, Journal of Engineering Education (JEE).

(2011) Problems and Potentials in the Creation of New Objects, International Conference of Engineering Design (ICED11). Double-­‐blind peer reviewed full paper.

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