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Alex Mankoo

Alex Mankoo

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Alex Mankoo is a Visiting Fellow in the Science, Technology and Society Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a PhD candidate in the Science and Technology Studies Department at University College London. Alex’s research interests lie in understanding and analysing the trajectories of chemical and biological weapons, and their related imaginaries of security. His PhD research project focuses on the case of teargas in mid 20th-century Britain, and the types of legitimacy it gained in this period.

Alex is also currently working with Professor Brian Rappert (Univeristy of Exeter) on an edited book called “Chemical Bodies: The Techno-Politics of Control”, focusing on how chemical agents have entailed different forms of controlling bodies in the past century. In 2017, he worked on a project called Understanding Patient Data at the Wellcome Trust, which identified the futures associated with the use of new technologies in healthcare (for example forms of machine learning) and the implications these have for the role of patient data and democracy, while encouraging conversations between stakeholders. Alex holds a master’s degree from UCL in Natural Sciences.

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