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Amit Sheniak

Amit Sheniak

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Amit Sheniak is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Swiss Center for Conflict Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Science, Technology and Society (STS). His current research focus on the interaction between states and Cyberspace, and the effect of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) on the international and the internal state based order. While at Harvard, he will explore the current securitization stage of the Internet by collecting and recording evidence of soft power employed by states toward the local and the international public.

His PhD thesis, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (concluded 2015), titled “Cyberspace as a “Border Zone” – Establishing Sovereignty and Coercion in Cyberspace in Israel, United States and China,” examined the validity of political sovereign theory and the historical process of “State Formation” and securitization to cyberspace.

Amit earned his BA and MA degrees (with honor) in Political Science, International Relations, and Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, while working in various research positions in academia, NGO’s and think tanks, followed by a decade long career as a strategic planner and policy advisor in the Israeli parliament (The Knesset), various Israeli government offices and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

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