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Rachel Biderman

Rachel Biderman

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Rachel Biderman represents the World Resources Institute in Braziland was a visiting fellow at the Harvard STS Program in 2009. She has been the vice-coordinator and researcher at the Center for Sustainability Studies at the Business Administration School of Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo, Brazil (FGV), and was a professor at FGV MBA on the Management of Sustainability and a Ph.D. student at the Public Administration Department of the Business Administration School of FGV. She holds two masters degrees: one in Environmental Sciences (MSc), from Universidade de São Paulo (1999), and the other in International Legal Studies, from the American University Washington College of Law, D.C.(1992). She holds a Law Degree from Universidade de São Paulo (1990).

She has concentrated her academic and professional work in the fields of International and Brazilian Environmental Law, Climate Change and Sustainable Consumption. She has published academic articles in Business Administration Conferences and Journals on climate change, corporate sustainability issues and sustainable consumption (SIMPOI, ENGEMA, Global Forum). She has authored the book Democracy, Citizenship and Environmental Protection, São Paulo, Ed. Annablume, published in 2002.

In her current position as vice-coordinator and researcher at the Center for Sustainability Studies at the Business Administration School of FGV in São Paulo, she has been coordinating programs and projects on the following issues: Business for Climate Change, Brazilian GHG Protocol, Climate Observatory (NGO network), São Paulo City Policy on Climate Change, Sustainable Procurement. For two consecutive years (2004 and 2005), she coordinated the Environmental Dimension of the Brazilian Stock Exchange Sustainability Index.

She has teached disciplines on Environmental and Contemporary Environmental Problems for one decade in different private universities in São Paulo (UNISO, USF, SENAC). She is one of the founders and was the first executive director of the Climate Observatory, a network of Brazilian NGOS and Social Movements on Climate Change (2002-2004). From 2001 to 2002 she was one of the coordinators of the Brazilian Climate Change Forum created by President Fernando Henrique Cardoso in 2001 She was a member of the São Paulo State Environmental Secretariat Cabinet’s Office (1996-98).

She currently holds two pro-bono positions as board member of Brazilian NGOs, namely, Greenpeace and IDEC — Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor (Consumer’s Defense Council). As of 2009 she was nominated as vice-president of Greenpeace’s Board in Brazil.

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