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Celine Parotte

Celine Parotte

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Céline Parotte was a Visiting Research Fellow with the Program for Science, Technology, and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In parallel, she is also a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Spiral Research Centre and a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology at the University of Liège. Her current research areas involve radioactive waste management, participatory methods and public policy evaluation. While at Harvard, drawing on Sheila Jasanoff’s and Michel Foucault’s work, Céline will deepen a theoretical framework combining co-production with the analytics of government and pursue her reflections on waste management in nuclear democracies, with a dedicated focus on safety and economical dimensions.

Céline holds a PhD in political and social sciences of University of Liège (December 2016). In her dissertation comparing high-level radioactive waste management (HLRW) in France, Belgium and Canada, Céline systematically analyzed several practices of government, all taken as “episode of co-production”: (1) the co-production of a categorization such as “waste” or “high-level radioactive” and its management solution, (2) the co-production of knowledge (public or expert) and political decision-making processes, (3) the co-production of waste management solutions and the territories in which they materialize, and (4), in France, the coproduction of the legitimacy of a Parliamentary Technology Assessment institution (OPECST) and the HLRW program.

At the University of Liège, she teaches two courses: “Methodology and Analysis of Public Policies”, and “Politics and Sociotechnical Changes”. She is also the founder and Associate Director of TagData, a start-up in participative and creative methods. In 2014 and 2015, she was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Laval (Canada) and, in Paris, at the Institute For Research and Innovation in Society (IFRIS – INRA SenS). Prior to starting her PhD, Céline completed a Degree in Political Science in 2004, a Master of Public Administration in 2009 and a Certificate on Public Policies Evaluation in 2012. From 2009 to 2012, she worked as a researcher on three different research projects: windmill farms’ acceptability in Wallonia, electronic voting systems, nuclear waste plan assessments in Belgium.

Selected Publications

C. Parotte and P. Delvenne. “Taming uncertainty: Towards a new governance approach for nuclear waste management in Belgium.” Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 57, no. 8 (May 2015): 986-998.

N. Rossignol, C. Parotte, G. Joris, and C. Fallon. “Siting Controversies Analysis: Framework and Method for Questioning the Procedure.” Journal of Risk Research (December, 2014).


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