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Chul Choi

Chul Choi

lawchoi21 (at)

Chul Choi is Professor of Law at HUFS Law School of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and a Visiting Research Fellow in the Harvard Kennedy School’s STS Program. He is undertaking a PhD program at the STP Graduate School of KAIST. His research explores interaction between science, technology and law, focusing on intellectual property law and biomedical sector, from the perspectives of propertization and financialization. He has been involved in IP policy and conducted research with regard to IP finance, acting as an expert committee member of the IP Council of Prime Minister’s Office and the Presidential Council on IP Policy of Korea.

He is also qualified as a Barrister-at-Law in England and Wales. Prior to joining HUFS Law School, he practiced law at an international law firm, Allen & Overy, in London and Hong Kong. He holds degrees of LLM in Intellectual Property Law and LLM in International Finance Law from the University of London. He also graduated from Seoul National University and earned MBA and BA in Management.


Prof. Choi co-authored a book, IP Finance: Structure and Cases, published in Korea by KIIP and in China by IPPH.

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