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Elizabeth Dietz

Elizabeth Dietz

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Elizabeth Dietz is a PhD Candidate in the Center for Biology and Society at Arizona State University and a visiting Fellow in the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Science, Technology and Society. Previously, they were a project manager and research assistant at The Hastings Center, a nonprofit bioethics research institute in Garrison NY.  Dietz writes about disability, epistemologies of choice, reproductive ethics, and how bureaucrats work to enact justice through the relationship between information and decision-making. Their dissertation project examines how informed consent, so often imagined to enshrine liberty and gird individual autonomy, can also serve as a tool though which individuals are made responsible for systemic injustices. Examining non-invasive prenatal testing and genetic counseling, opposition to DNA testing at the US border, and policies around choice and responsibility during the Covid-19 pandemic, Dietz theorizes informed consent to structure sites through which personhood and capacity are assessed in a purportedly uncontroversial fashion – with profound implications for queer and disabled lives.

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