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Joakim Juhl

Joakim Juhl

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Joakim Juhl is an assistant professor at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark and a Research Associate with the Program on Science, Technology and Society. He was a Postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard STS Program in 2013-2017. His research focuses on the normative foundations of technological innovation and its relation to social expectations of science. Joakim contributes to the National Science Foundation funded project, “Traveling Imaginaries of Innovation: The Practice Turn and Its Transnational Implementation”. The project examines the ways in which innovation models are identified and reproduced in different regional settings. As part of his work for the project, Joakim investigates Copenhagen-Malmö and Cambridge, UK.

The project focuses on how variations in so-called innovation models like the Silicon Valley model and the MIT model get picked up, re-interpreted, and implemented in different regional settings and reveal fundamental differences in the importing of societies’ political cultures. In this work, Joakim seeks to explore the normative structures that underwrite western democracies’ political engagement in science, technology and economic progress.

From 2013 to 2015, Joakim held a joint postdoctoral position at the Harvard STS Program and Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. During that time, he taught the General Education course ‘Science and the Physical Universe’, convened the STS Circle, and organized the STS Fellows meeting. Joakim holds a PhD in STS from Aalborg University’s Doctoral School of Engineering and Science. He has a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark. He based his dissertation “Models in Action – Realizing Abstractions” on an ethnographic study of modeling practices in a Danish collaboration between industrial and scientific parties.


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(2016)        Discussant for Beniot Godin’s talk at the Munich Colloquium on Technology in Society; Munich Center on Technology and Society, Technical University of Munich.

(2014)        Innovation-Science in the Making: Theoretical Physics and Industrial Production in a Danish Factory. STS Circle at Harvard by the Program on Science, Technology and Society.

(2014)        Innovation Science. Öffentliche Vorträge zu MCTS Tenure Track Professorships. MCTS, TUM Germany.

(2013)        Simulation Modeling in Technology Development: Mediating between Science and Society. STPP/ETIP fellows meeting at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center.

(2013)        Working in the nexus of Science, Technology and Innovation –Becoming a new STS scholar at Harvard. Harvard GSAS Science Policy Group.

(2012)        An ethnography on mathematical models – Producing science and technology, The Technical University of Denmark, Institute of Management Engineering.  

(2012)       An ethnography on mathematical models, The University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Mads Clausen Institute (MCI).


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