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Lucía Ortiz de Zárate Alcarazo

Lucía Ortiz de Zárate Alcarazo

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Lucía Ortiz de Zárate Alcarazo is a Ph.D. Candidate in AI Ethics and Governance at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and an associate researcher at the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid. She is a visiting Fellow in the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Science, Technology, and Society. She holds two master’s degrees, one in Astrophysics and another in Democracy and Government. She also has two bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Philosophy. In 2021 she was included in the “35 under 35” list of Future Leaders in Algorithmic Governance and Artificial Intelligence by the CIDOB-Santander Forum.

At UAM, Lucía is also part of the team in charge of studying neurotechnologies from an ethical and philosophical perspective within the scope of the Digital Rights Charter proposed by the Spanish government. Her research interests include AI ethics, ecofeminism, the relationship between technology and nature, technological colonialism, and sociotechnical imaginaries.

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