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Deborah Mascalzoni

email: Deborah.Mascalzoni (at)

Deborah Mascalzoni is a researcher at Uppsala University CRB and senior Researcher in Bioethics at the European Academy at the Center of BioMedicine. She is especially committed with Patient Centric Initiatives (PCI) and interactive dynamic consent projects in the biobank based project CHRIS. Her research interests include Philosophy of Science, Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Science Policy, Philosophy of Politics. She is looking at the interaction between ethical, legal and social aspects of science dealing with the public. She holds a PhD in Bioethics from the University of Bologna (2005) with the focus on participation in research. Research Project on Genetics and Ethics; Dissertation thesis on “Informed consent in genomics: a participative process.” September 2003 — March 2004: Appointment as visiting fellow in the Program of Science Tecnology and Society, at the Kennedy School of Government. 2001: Master in Environmental Education, University of Bologna (research paper on Environmental Ethics). 2000: Degree in Philosophy of Science with a Thesis in Bioethics: “Philosophy of Medicine: who should decide about Therapy and Care.”

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