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Pariroo Rattan

Pariroo Rattan

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Pariroo Rattan is a PhD candidate in the Public Policy program and affiliated with Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Science, Technology and Society (STS). Her doctoral work studies the moral politics of digital capitalism in the context of India, where she studies the adoption of digital biometrics and payment systems by street vendors. She also works comparatively to think about how legal data regulation regimes are constructed and legitimized across the US, EU and China. Apart from digitization, Pariroo is also writes about the politics of evidence in Harvard affirmative action lawsuit and music as a technology of social movements.

Pariroo‘s work has been supported by the Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative, Harvard University Asia Center, Vicki Norberg-Bohm Fellowship, Jens Aubrey Westengard Scholarship, Lakshmi Mittal South Asian Institute at Harvard and the KC Mahindra scholarship. Pariroo is also a co-founder of the Graduate Research in Science and Technology Studies (GRiSTS) network. Before starting her PhD at Harvard, Pariroo completed her Master’s degree in Development Economics at Yale University on the KC Mahindra Scholarship. She then spent a year conducting research to understand construction of macroeconomic ‘growth’ across Yale University, University of Oslo, London School of Economics and College De France. Pariroo holds a BA in Economics from the University of Delhi.