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Shuang L. Frost

Shuang L. Frost

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Shuang L. Frost is a Research Associate with the Program on Science, Technology and Society and Ph.D. student in the anthropology department of Harvard University, studying social anthropology with a secondary field in Science, Technology, and Society. Her research interests include digital technology, moral economy, governance, and public policymaking. Her dissertation, entitled “Moralities of a platform: algorithmic governance on China’s ride-sharing platforms,” explores how, Didi, the largest digital transportation platform in China, has monopolized transportation services and is employing fluid techniques of governance such as invisible monitoring, real-time tracking, and data-feedback to coordinate and discipline its users. 

During 20 months of fieldwork in China, Shuang observed how these practices of governance are being produced, practiced, and interpreted in a variety of local communities, and how, as a result, each community forms a distinct moral order. By contrasting these moral orders, she addresses the multi-faceted nature of algorithmic governance in China and show how it is shaping technological landscape at the global level.Prior coming to Harvard, Shuang earned her M.A. degree in sociocultural anthropology at Columbia University. In her master’s thesis, she investigated urban crowding, informal housing, and rural-urban migration in Shanghai, China. Shuang completed her B.A. at Shanghai International Studies University.

Shuang is also affiliated with AI Initiative of The Future Society. She has been serving as the China representitive for the organization since June 2017.

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