Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

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Secondary Field Requirements

Course Requirements

Students will be required to take four halfcourses, distributed as follows:

(i) One framing course. These are general courses offering an overview of STS theories and methods, as well as a broad orientation to the field. Students may take additional framing courses to satisfy requirements (ii) and (iii).*

(ii) One graduate level methods course. These are complementary courses that deepen students’ acquaintance with STS analytic approaches as applied to different domains of science, technology, and medicine.

(iii) Two half-courses of related interest. A full list of STS courses may be foundĀ here.

Other requirements

During their PhD studies at Harvard, students must present a talk in the STS Circle sponsored by the STS Program. This talk should demonstrate the student’s capacity to present an original, theoretically informed analysis of a problem at the intersection of science, technology and society. Proposals to present in the STS Circle should be accompanied by a note of approval from the student’s STS adviser.


Students should register for the Secondary Field with the STS Program at the Harvard Kennedy School by e-mailing for further information.

*Note: Students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences may not satisfy the framing course requirement with a course offered by their home department.