Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Fall 2011

August 3, 2011

Sep. 12:
Ann Blair (Harvard, History)
The Role of Note-Taking in Intellectual Activity—Early Modern Europe and Beyond

Sep. 19:
Rajeswari Raina (NISTADS, India)
Norms of Expertise—Agricultural Production and the Environment in India

Sep. 26:
Lindsay Smith (UCLA)
"Genetics is a Study in Faith": The Disappeared in Latin America, Science as Development, and the Fragility of Identification

Oct. 3:
Daniel Barber (Barnard College)
Phase-Change: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Solar Energy, 1946-

Oct. 17:
Gary Edmond (UNSW School of Law)
Advice for the Courts? Science Studies, Criminal Justice, and the Forensic Science Crisis

Oct. 24:
Joanna Radin (University of Pennsylvania)
Frozen Human Tissue and the Problem of Indeterminacy

Oct. 31:
Emma Frow (Edinburgh)
Making Big Promises Come True? Articulating and Realizing the Value of Synthetic Biology

Nov. 7:
Lee Vinsel (Harvard, HKS)
The Politics of the Dummy Light: Liberalism and US Federal Regulation of Technological Risk, 1960-1980

Nov. 14:
Sebastian Pfotenhauer (MIT)
Between Cultural Transfer and National Innovation Strategy: A Study of MIT's Recent International Collaborations

Nov. 21:
Wanda Liebermann (Harvard, GSD)
Body Building: Architectural Narratives of Dis/ability

Nov. 28:
Cristina Grasseni (Radcliffe Institute)
Skilled Visions: Critical Ecologies of Belonging

Dec. 5:
Jonathan Zittrain (Harvard Law & HKS)
Minds for Sale