Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Fall 2012

August 22, 2012

Sep. 10:
Christopher Kirchhoff (Department of Defense)
Fixing the National Security State: Commissions and the Politics of Disaster and Reform

Sep. 17:
Steven Epstein (Northwestern, Sociology)
Sexual Health as Buzzword: Competing Stakes and Proliferating Agendas

Sep. 24:
Shi-Lin Loh and Kyoko Sato (Harvard, EALC/Stanford STS)
Narrating Fukushima: Scales of a Nuclear Meltdown

Oct. 1:
Erik Aarden (Harvard, STS)
Distributing Genetic Medicine: The Politics of Health Care Access in Western Europe

Oct. 15:
Paul Forman (Smithsonian Institution, Emeritus)
Politico-legal Proceduralism, Belief in Scientific Method, and the Elevation of Means Over Ends in Modernity

Oct. 22:
Martin Mahony (University of East Anglia/Harvard STS)
The Predictive State: Science, Autonomy, and the Future of the Indian Climate

Nov. 5:
John Horgan (Stevens Institute of Technology, Science Writing)
Against Bio-Determinism

Nov. 12:
Alfred Moore (University College Cork, Philosophy)
Epistemic Disobedience

Nov. 19:
Dan Schrag (Harvard, HUCE)
The Timescale of Climate Change

Nov. 26:
Jeremy Blatter (Harvard, History of Science)
The Street as Psychological Laboratory: Hugo M√ľnsterberg, Harold Burtt, and the 1914 Street Lighting Committee

Dec. 3:
Rebecca Lemov (Harvard, History of Science)
The Fantasy of Total Information: A Brief History of the Microcard
Dec. 10:
John Dixon (Harvard, History)
A Trackful Ocean: Ships' Routes on the Eighteenth-century Atlantic