Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Fall 2018

August 24, 2018

Sep. 10:
Whitney Robles (Harvard, American Studies)
Natural History in Two Dimensions

Sep. 17:
StefanSchäfer (Potsdam IASS and Harvard STS)
Multiple Carbons: Ontologies and Governance in the Climate Regime

Sep. 24:
Eugene T. Richardson (Harvard, HMS)
Not-so-big Data and Ebola Virus Disease

Oct. 1:
Declan Kuch (University of New South Wales, Environmental Humanities)
Animals as Patients, Models and Infrastructure in Precision Bioscience

Oct. 15:
Nick Seaver (Tufts, Anthropology)
Interpretability, or Learning to Listen to Algorithms

Oct. 22:
Tito Brige de Carvalho (Harvard, STS)
A Rational Framework for What? Race and the Ethos of Science from the Modern Synthesis to Genomics

Oct. 29:
Hans Pols (Sydney, History and Philosophy of Science)
Nurturing Indonesia: Medicine and Decolonisation in the Dutch East Indies

Nov. 5:
Julie Wosk (SUNY Maritime College)
“Perfect Woman”: Female Robots, Alluring Androids, and Electronic Eves

Nov. 12:
Matthew Bunn (Harvard Kennedy School)
Cultures of Nuclear Security: How Different Countries Decide How to Protect their Nuclear Facilities

Nov. 19:
Caley D. Horan (MIT, History)
Investing in the Stars: The Astrology of Money and Markets in the Twentieth-Century United States

Nov. 26:
Moira Weigel (Harvard, Society of Fellows)
Survival of the Sexiest: NLP, EP, PUAs, and Other “Sciences” of Seduction on the Alt Right

Dec. 3:
Olga Breininger-Umetayeva (Harvard, Slavic)
Failed Sociotechnical Imaginaries: Chechnya as the “Second Kuwait”
Note: Bowie-Vernon Room, K262, CGIS North, 1737 Cambridge St