Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Fall 2019

August 27, 2019

Sep. 9:
Moon Duchin (Tufts, Mathematics)
Computation and the Search for Fairness in Representative Democracy

Sep. 16:
Christopher Winship (Harvard, Sociology)
Viral Science and the Tragedy of the Scientific Commons

Sep. 23:
Karen Huang (Harvard, Organizational Behavior/Harvard STS)
Computational Social Science: 10 Years Later

Sep. 30:
Eden Medina (MIT, HASTS)
When Repair Becomes Harm: Science, Law, and the Pursuit of Justice in Chile

Oct. 7:
Eram Alam (Harvard, History of Science)
Foreign Bodies: On Medicine and Labor in the United States

Oct. 21:
Przemyslaw Palka (Yale Law School)
The (Non)Imaginaries of “Data” in Law, and their Politics
Note: CGIS S250

Oct. 28:
Michael Mendez (Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies)
Climate Change from the Streets

Nov. 4:
Luisa Reis Castro (MIT, HASTS)
“To Enter the Territory”: Mosquitoes, Health, and Science in the streets of Rio de Janeiro

Nov. 11:
Louis Gerdelan (Harvard, History)
Sin, Science and Seismic Shocks: The Jamaica Earthquake of 1692 and the Science of Disaster

Nov. 18:
Anne Pollock (King’s College, London)
Race and Biopolitics in 21st-Century America
Note: CGIS S250

Nov. 25:
Gili Vidan (Harvard, History of Science/Harvard STS)
The Way We Trust Today: Encryption as an Instrument of Decentralization
Note: CGIS S250

Dec. 2:
Beth Michelle Semel (MIT, HASTS)
Listening Like a Computer: Computational Psychiatry and the Re-coding of Psychiatric Screening