Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Fall 2021

September 6, 2021

Sep. 13:
Eric Beerbohm (Government, Harvard)
How to Gaslight Citizens

Sep. 20:
Jack Hensley (SEAS, Harvard)
Geoengineering the Climate with a Human-made Volcano

Sep. 27:
Marion Boulicault (Philosophy, MIT)
Gender, Time, and the Measurement of Fertility

Oct. 4:
Mathias Risse (Harvard Kennedy School)
The Truth Will Not Set You Free: Is There a Right to It Anyway?

Oct. 18:
Gabriel Dorthe (IASS Potsdam & Harvard STS)
Sociotechnical Promises and Their By-products

Oct. 25:
Abby Spinak (Harvard GSD)
Electricity and Empowerment: Towards a More Critical Energy History

Nov. 1:
Onur Ozgode (Harvard STS)
Fractals of Governance: The Management of Systemic Risk at the Limits of Liberalism, 1913–2010

Nov. 8:
Anna Lvovsky (Harvard Law)
Vice Patrol: Antigay Policing and the Politics of Knowledge before Stonewall

Nov. 15:
Elettra Bietti (Harvard Law)
A Genealogy of Digital Platform Regulation

Nov. 22:
Lily Hu (Applied Math and Philosophy, Harvard)
Categories and Causation in the Social Sciences

Nov. 29:
Alex Wellerstein (STS, Stevens Institute of Technology)
How to Lose a Lot of Weapons-Grade Uranium and Get Away with It