Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Fall 2023

September 7, 2023

Sep. 11:
Kate Brown (HASTS, MIT)
Big Brother and the Nuclear Security State®: MADE IN AMERICA

Sep. 18:
Maddy Kroot (Geography, Clark University)
Decarbonization vs. Democratization? Participatory Politics and the New England Grid

Sep. 25:
Austin Clyde (Computer Science, University of Chicago)
The Prompt Engineer's Paradox: The Hidden Human Effort in AI Systems

Oct. 2:
Sannoy Das (Harvard Law School)
Instruments of the Rich: Subsidies and the Idea of the International Economy

Oct. 16:
Lucía Ortiz de Zárate Alcarazo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Framing Artificial Intelligence in Spain, Chile, and Mexico

Oct. 23:
Iris Hilbrich (Sociology, University of Hamburg)
Geoengineering the Climate: Sociotechnical Transformations and Changing Knowledge Practices in the Anthropocene

Oct. 30:
Anna Thieser (Columbia, Sociology)
Open Network of the Saints: Closure and Translation in the Maintenance of Ethereum

Nov. 6:
Adam Longenbach (Harvard GSD)
Hate Architecture: Combat Towns and the Construction of the Enemy

Nov. 13:
Michèle Lamont (Sociology, Harvard)
The Sociology of Valuation and Evaluation (SVE): From Peer Review to Concepts of Worth

Nov. 20:
Sushant Kumar (Public Policy, Northeastern)
From Population to People: Deconstructing the Population Control Debate in India

Nov. 27:
Andrew Stokols (Urban Studies & Planning, MIT)
Building Digital Cities and Digital Nations in the Age of Big Data