Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Spring 2008

August 19, 2011

Feb. 4:
Arthur A. Daemmrich (Harvard Business School)
Innovation in Degradation: Ecoflex at BASF, on the Market, and in the Compost

Feb. 13:
Mark Hauser (Department of Psychology, Harvard University)
Evolving a Moral Grammar: Domain-specificity, Origins, Universality and Moral Organs

Feb. 25:
Martyn Pickersgill (Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham)
The Neuroscience of Psychopathy: A Mundane Revolution?

Mar. 3:
Sara Shostak (Department of Sociology, Brandeis University)
Multiplicity in Practice: Towards a Genealogy of 'Gene-Environment Interaction'

Mar. 10:
Stuart A. Newman (Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy, New York Medical College)
Evolution: the Public's Problem, and the Scientists'

Mar. 17:
R. P. Hagendijk (International School for Humanities and Social Sciences, Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Modes of Public Engagement in European S&T Governance

Mar. 31:
Felice Frankel (Envisioning Science Program, Initiative in Innovative Computing, Harvard University)
The Visual Expression of Science: More than Pretty Pictures

Apr. 7:
Sarah Jansen (Department of the History of Science, Harvard University)
Managing Whales, Wolves, and Eastern Europeans

Apr. 14:
Barbara Herrnstein-Smith (Department of English, Duke University)
Explaining Religion: Naturalism With and Without Scientism

Apr. 21:
Ellen Bales (History of Science and Technology, UC Berkeley)
Working Levels, Working Knowledge: Indoor Radon and the Environmental Protection Agency