Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Spring 2014

January 21, 2014

Feb. 3:
David Engerman (Brandeis, History)
The Import of Expertise: Towards an International History of Indian Economic Planning

Feb. 10:
Rachel Rothschild (Yale, History of Science)
Modeling without 'Target' Maps: Scientific Cooperation on Atmospheric Pollution in the Cold War

Feb. 24:
Jana Cephas (Harvard, GSD)
'The Body is Like an Automobile Chassis': Visualizing Control at the Henry Ford Hospital

Mar. 3:
David Meshoulam (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Science Education Across Mass Ave: PSSC and the History of (Harvard) Project Physics, 1961-1970

Mar. 10:
Victor Seow (Cornell, History)
Carbon Technocracy: East Asian Energy Regimes and the Industrial Modern

Mar. 24:
Alberto Cambrosio (McGill, Social Studies of Medicine)
When drugs cross disease lines. (Dis)assembling clinical research in post-genomic oncology.

Mar. 31:
Rochelle Sharpe (Freelance Journalist)
Sex, Lies and Technology: A Journalist's Encounters with Bioethics and Big Data

Apr. 7:
Sherine Hamdy and Soha Bayoumi (Brown, Anthropology, and Harvard, History of Science)
'Doctors of the Revolution': Egypt's Political Uprisings and the Limits of Medical Neutrality

Apr. 14:
Joakim Juhl (Harvard, STS-SEAS)
Innovation Science in the Making: Theoretical Physics and Industrial Production in a Danish Factory

Apr. 21:
Susan Greenhalgh (Harvard, Anthropology)
Obesity, Inc.?: Fat Science and Policy in the People's Republic of China

Apr. 28:
Joyce Chaplin (Harvard, History)
Early Modern Climate Science: The View from British North America