Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Spring 2016

January 19, 2016

Feb. 1:
Jill Lepore (Harvard, History)
The Past As Proof

Feb. 8:
Larissa Belcic (Harvard, GSD)
Playlist from the Terrestrial Analog: Towards an Ecology of Outer Space

Feb. 22:
Lisa Haushofer (Harvard, History of Science/Chemical Heritage Foundation)
“Pepsin Era” – Artificially Digested Foods and the Eating Body

Feb. 29:
Behnam Taebi (Harvard, HKS Belfer Center)
Responsible Innovation and Public Values in the Dutch Shale Gas Controversy

Mar. 7:
Shreeharsh Kelkar (MIT, HASTS)
Platformizing Higher Education: Computer Science and the Making of MOOC Infrastructures

Mar. 21:
Aziza Ahmed (Northeastern Law School)
Risk, Feminism, and AIDS

Mar. 28:
Yael Berda (Hebrew University, Sociology and Anthropology)
The File and the Checkpoint: Managing Citizenship in Israel and India after Independence

Apr. 4:
Alden Young (Drexel University, History and Africana Studies)
Sudanese Economics: Between an Environmental and a Political Imagination

Apr. 11:
Cara Kiernan Fallon (Harvard, History of Science)
Healthy Forever? Aging, Mobility, and the Transformation of Later Life

Apr. 18:
Arunabh Ghosh (Harvard, WCFIA))
No ‘Mean’ Solution: The Reformulation of Statistical Science in the Early People’s Republic of China
Apr. 20:
Yaron Ezrahi (Hebrew University), Andy Stirling (University of Sussex), & Shiv Visvanathan (Jindal Global University) With Comment From: Jane Mansbridge (HKS)
Science and Democracy Lecture:The Elusive Demos: Democracy in the Digital Age
Note: Will be held 5-7PM in Location TBA

Apr. 25:
Trevor Pinch (Cornell S&TS)
Stanley Milgram and the Sonic Imaginary