Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Spring 2018

January 10, 2018

Jan. 29:
Alma Steingart (Harvard, Society of Fellows)
Democracy by the Numbers: The Twentieth-Century Fight over US Congressional Reapportionment

Feb. 5:
Devin Kennedy (Harvard, History of Science)
The Machine and the Market: US Financial Governance in the Age of the Computer: 1960-1975

Feb. 12:
Daniel Hirschman (Brown, Sociology)
The Stylized Facts of Inequality

Feb. 26:
Jeremy Ward (Université Paris-Sorbonne, Sociology)
Vaccine Criticism in France: Scientific Credibility and the Fragmentation of Social Movements

Mar. 5:
Robin Scheffler (MIT, HASTS)
Governing the Future: Cancer Viruses and the Growth of American Biomedicine

Mar. 19:
Patricia Williams (Columbia Law School))
DNA and Divination: On Yearning For Genetic Deliverance
Note: CGIS South S250, 1730 Cambridge Street

Mar. 26:
Maayan Sudai (Harvard Law School)
Sex in the Age of Medical Jurisprudence: The Law and Science of Hermaphrodites in the 19th century U.S.

Apr. 2:
Kasper Hedegård Schiølin (Harvard, STS Program)
Alpine Dreams, Earthly Realities: Epochalism, Continuity and Democracy in Imagining the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Apr. 9:
Ashawari Chaudhuri (MIT, HASTS)
The Good Seed: Braided Time and Meaning-Making on GM Seeds in India

Apr. 16:
Julie Guthman (Radcliffe Institute and UC Santa Cruz)
Becoming a Pathogen: On the Topology of Soil Disease in California’s Strawberry Industry

Apr. 23:
Gregg Macey (Brooklyn Law School/Harvard STS)
Once and For Now: The Science and Art of Ex Post Environmental Regulation