Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Spring 2019

January 14, 2019

Feb. 4:
Benjamin Tyler Wilson (Harvard, History of Science)
Strategies of Conflict: Performing Responsibility in the Missile Age

Feb. 11:
Durba Mitra (Harvard, Women, Gender and Sexuality)
Abortion and the Forensics of Sexuality in Colonial India

Feb. 25:
Daniel Francis Zizzamia (Harvard, Solar Geoengineering)
American Geomimesis: The Earth's Past and Engineering Environments

Mar. 4:
Warwick Anderson (University of Sydney, History)
Negotiating Personhood and Precision in Recent Biomedicine

Mar. 11:
Marianne F. Potvin (Harvard, GSD)
Humanitarian Planners in the "Century of the Unsettled Man"

Mar. 25:
Eli Nelson (Williams College, Anthropology)
Repossessing the Wilderness: New Deal Sciences in the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation

Apr. 1:
Geneva Smith (University of New Mexico, Anthropology, and Harvard, STS)
The Law of the Land: Charting Exclusion Zones at the Limits of Argentina's Soybean Futures

Apr. 8:
Jia Hui Lee (MIT, HASTS)
"A Rat By Any Other Name": Practices of Naming and Classifying Rodents in Morogoro, Tanzania

Apr. 15:
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun (Simon Fraser University, School of Communication)
Discriminating Data

Apr. 22:
Natalia Gutkowski (Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies)
Materializing Time: The Techno-Scientific Transformation of Olive Agriculture in Israel/Palestine

Apr. 29:
Robin Celikates (University of Amsterdam, Philosophy)
Agency and Automation: Digital Disobedience and Its Infrastructure