Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard Kennedy School of Government | Harvard University

Spring 2021

January 26, 2021

Feb. 1:
Dwai Banerjee (STS, MIT)
The Global Politics of Emergency Vaccines: A Primer on Decolonizing the Pandemic

Feb. 8:
Makoto Takahashi (MCTS, TU Munich)
The Improvised Expert: Performing Authority in Fukushima

Feb. 22:
Deborah Coen (History of Science, Yale)
What's the Use of Climate Science? Towards a History of the Usable Turn

Mar. 8:
Jessica Lynn Dickson (AAAS, Harvard)
Extracting Ghosts: 'Hollywood' World-building through Sites of Ruination in South Africa

Mar. 15:
Colleen Lanier Christensen (History of Science, Harvard)
Chemical Harmonies: The Politics of Standardized Practices and Controls

Mar. 22:
Roxana Vatanparast (STS, Harvard)
"Of Nations Linked Together": Cables, the League of Nations & the Construction of Imagined Global Communities

Mar. 29:
Jeannette Estruth (History, Bard)
Worker Coalitions in the Reagan-Era Silicon Valley

Apr. 5:
Lisa Messeri (Anthropology, Yale)
Technological Terroir: Tracing the Cultivation of "Tech" in Los Angeles

Apr. 12:
Marc F. Aidinoff (HASTS, MIT)
Digital Welfare Reform: The Constitutional Project of Computerizing Government

Apr. 19:
Elena Sobrino (HASTS, MIT)
Economy's Nature: Interrogating Green Chemistry from the Rust Belt

Apr. 26:
Ed Hackett (Sociology, Brandeis)
Sociological Ambivalence Revisited