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The Expertise and Public Trust Project

The “Expertise and Public Trust Project” seeks—in this politically disruptive moment—to further our understanding of the interplay between knowledge and power, politics and policy, knowing the world and making the world.

Kick-off Event: “What Should Democracies Know?”

[Video recording available here]


“First 100 Days: Narratives of Normalization and Disruption” Blog: Call for Submissions

Taking the traditional American benchmark of the First 100 Days of a new administration as critical in defining its vision of governance, we have launched a writing campaign to follow this period in the establishment of the Trump administration. This regularly updated blog will feature posts from the broad STS community that analyze and challenge the narratives of both normalization and disruption which are being put forward by the new administration or the discourses that surround it. Drawing from an international community of scholars, this blog will also feature perspectives outside the U.S. and will trace how the notion of “post-truth politics” has traveled. The main aim is to bring scholarship into closer conversation with practice, and create allowances for imagining different futures by critically reflecting on our present moment.

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please see our Call for Posts.