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Ashawari Chaudhuri


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Ashawari Chaudhuri is a graduate student at MIT’s Doctoral Program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS). Chaudhuri is interested in the complex relation between land and humans&emdash;relations further compounded by technology, legal and political interventions. At HASTS she intends to explore how the genetically modified Bt cotton seed is constructed in its materiality and the symbolic ramifications it generates as it travels across multiple registers. She is further interested in mapping the relations between a chain of stakeholders from the laboratory to the field. Through an ongoing multi-sited ethnography, she explores the trafficking of boundaries of nature and culture and the idea of hybridity. Her research is positioned at the interstice of Anthropology, Science and Agrarian Studies.

Ashawari completed her B.A. in Sociology from Lady Shri Ram College. She did an M.A. and M.Phil in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics.