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Bio + Society Collaboratory

Since its founding, the Harvard STS Program has advanced scholarship at the intersection of society and the biological and biomedical sciences and technologies. Over more than a decade, STS training and research collaborations at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels have given rise to an active international network. The Bio + Society Collaboratory seeks to strengthen and grow this network of STS scholars who share topical concerns and methodological approaches, theoretical commitments and disciplinary orientations. Profiles and publications of Collaboratory affiliates are listed below. Bioconstitutionalism is a core STS theory that unites much of this work, and a research platform on bioconstitutionalism will soon be available on this website. Individuals wishing to learn more about the Bio + Society Collaboratory or who are interesting in participating should contact the director or co-directors.


Major Outputs

Research projects

Since 2010, Sheila Jasanoff and co-directors Benjamin Hurlbut and Krishanu Saha have successfully won and administered a series of research grants aimed at understanding the intersections of biology, society, and law. These include a major NSF grant, grants from the Greenwall Foundation and Faraday Institute, and a residence fellowship at the Brocher Foundation. Together, these grants have laid the groundwork for Harvard’s unique role in investigating the politics and ethics of the life sciences and technologies.

Selected Joint Publications

Collaboratory directors and affiliates have collectively written more than 200 books and articles exploring the themes of bio+society in venues that range from scientific journals to the popular media. A searchable database containing all publications by all affiliates in the Collaboratory is available here.

Summer Schools

Collaboratory directors have organized a succession of summer schools to advance STS research and education at the frontiers of bio+society. These summer schools have provided extraordinary opportunities for students and scholars from around the world to deepen their STS scholarship over several days in an immersive and collaborative environment.

News and Events

Through workshops and panels held across the country and the globe, Collaboratory directors and affiliates find venues to broaden the reach of their scholarship, networks, and impact.

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