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STS Circle at Harvard

The STS Circle at Harvard meets weekly during the academic semester. All Meetings will take place on Mondays, from 12:15–2 pm, at Room 100F, Pierce Hall, 29 Oxford Street unless otherwise noted. Sandwich lunches are provided. Please RSVP to by Thursday noon the week before.

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Spring 2018

Jan. 29:
Alma Steingart (Harvard, Society of Fellows)
Democracy by the Numbers: The Twentieth-Century Fight over US Congressional Reapportionment
Feb. 5:
Devin Kennedy (Harvard, History of Science)
The Machine and the Market: US Economic Governance in the Age of the Computer: 1960-1975
Feb. 12:
Daniel Hirschman (Brown, Sociology)
The Stylized Facts of Inequality
Feb. 26:
Jeremy Ward (Université Paris-Sorbonne, Sociology)
Vaccine Criticism in France: Scientific Credibility and the Fragmentation of Social Movements
Mar. 5:
Robin SchefflerGoverning the Future: Cancer Viruses and the Growth of American Biomedicine
Mar. 19:
Patricia Williams (Columbia Law School))
DNA and Divination: On Yearning For Genetic Deliverance
Note: CGIS South S250, 1730 Cambridge Street
Mar. 26:
Maayan Sudai (Harvard Law School)
Sex in the Age of Medical Jurisprudence: The Law and Science of Hermaphrodites in the 19th century U.S.
Apr. 2:
Kasper Hedegård Schiølin (Harvard, STS Program)
Alpine Dreams, Earthly Realities: Epochalism, Continuity and Democracy in Imagining the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Apr. 9:
Ashawari Chaudhuri (MIT, HASTS)
The Good Seed: Braided Time and Meaning-Making on GM Seeds in India
Apr. 16:
Julie Guthman (Radcliffe Institute and UC Santa Cruz)
Becoming a Pathogen: On the Topology of Soil Disease in California’s Strawberry Industry
Apr. 23:
Gregg Macey (Brooklyn Law School/Harvard STS)
Once and For Now: The Science and Art of Ex Post Environmental Regulation

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Science & Democracy Lecture Series

Once a semester, the STS Program, with co-sponsorship from other local institutions, hosts an installation in its Science and Democracy Lecture Series.

Sunita Narain event poster

Sunita Narain
With panel discussion by Sunil Amrith, Jody Freeman, and David S. Jones
December 4, 2017, 5:00PM-7:00PM
Emerson Hall, Room 105, 25 Quincy Street

The Indian environmental stories that are making international headlines are the ghastly air pollution and the nation's inability to control filth, garbage and sewage that are overwhelming its cities, rivers and fields. The other narrative linking India to the rest of the world is that India is the major villain in climate change. I ask, can India can beat the pollution game by following the trajectory of the western world? Won't capital and resource-intensive methods of environmental management simply add to the burden of inequality, and so to unsustainability? Also, is India the villain or the victim in international climate politics? Are there lessons in India for the global community in its fight against climate change? I will discuss how democracy and dissent must work together so that the environmentalism of the poor dictates the politics of change. Not just change in India, but change in the world. Video available here

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Workshops and Panels

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