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STS Circle at Harvard

The STS Circle at Harvard meets weekly during the academic semester. All Meetings will take place on Mondays, from 12:15–2 pm, at  Pierce 100F, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 29 Oxford Street unless otherwise noted. Sandwich lunches are provided. Please RSVP to by Thursday noon the week before.

STS Circle schedule poster

Fall 2015

Sep. 8:
Andreas Mitzschke (Maastricht University, STS)
Competing, Conflicting, and Contested Futures: Temporal Imaginaries in the GM Crops Controversy
Note: Will be held in CGIS, K262
Sep. 14:
Megan Black (Harvard, Warren Center)
Rethinking Landsat: The American State and Big Oil in the Space Race
Sep. 21:
Thorsten Trimpop (MIT, Comparative Media Studies)
Meanwhile in Japan — Filming in the Nuclear Exclusion Zone
Note: Will be held in Milstein East A, 2036 Wasserstein Hall, Harvard Law School, 1585 Massachusetts Avenue
Sep. 28:
David A. Mindell (MIT, STS)
Our Robots, Ourselves: Robotics and the Myths of Autonomy
Oct. 5:
Michael Aaron Dennis (U.S. Naval War College)
Memex takes Manhattan: Vannevar Bush's other History of the Future
Oct. 19:
Myles Jackson (NYU-Gallatin)
The Genealogy of a Gene: Patents, HIV/AIDS and Race
Oct. 26:
Susanne E. Freidberg (Dartmouth, Geography)
Obstinate Harvest: Corporate Food and the Technoscience of Supply Chain Sustainability
Nov. 2:
Andrew Jewett (Harvard, History)
Of Science and Scientism: Framing Science in the Postwar American Humanities
Nov. 4:
William Nordhaus (Yale University)
Science and Democracy Lecture: Climate Clubs: The Central Role of the Social Sciences in Climate Change Policy
Note: Will be held 5-7PM in Science Center A
Nov. 9:
Joseph Rouse (Wesleyan, Philosophy)
What is a Scientific Conception of the World?
Nov. 16:
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay (Harvard Law School)
What We Talk About when We Talk About Disasters: Early Modern Precedents for 21st-Century Disaster Management
Nov. 23:
Stu Marvel (Emory University)
The 'Nature' of Queer Families: Tracking the Socio-Technics of the Fertility Clinic
Co-sponsored with Women and Gender Studies (FAS)
Nov. 30:
John P. McCaskey (Columbia University)
Universal Laws and the Case of Cholera

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Science & Democracy Lecture Series

Once a semester, the STS Program, with co-sponsorship from other local institutions, hosts an installation in its Science and Democracy Lecture Series.

William Nordhaus event poster

William D. Nordhaus
With panel discussion by Michael GrubbDavid Keith, and Richard Zeckhauser. Moderated by Sheila Jasanoff.
November 4, 2015, 5:00pm-7:00pm
Science Center A, 1 Oxford Street

Much progress has been made by scientists and economists in understanding the science, technologies, and policies involved in climate change and reducing emissions. Notwithstanding this progress, it has up to now proven difficult to induce countries to join in an international agreement with significant reductions in emissions. The talk suggests that the Kyoto Protocol ran aground because of the tendency of countries to free-ride on the efforts of others for global public goods. It discusses how this tendency is rooted in international law, and examines the ways that nations have overcome free-riding in other areas. The article examines the “club model” as a mechanism to provide public goods and overcome free-riding. It examines the idea of a Climate Club and suggests that current approaches, starting with the Kyoto Protocol and continuing with the upcoming Paris meeting, have little chance of success unless they adopt some of the strategies associated with the club model of international agreements.


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Workshops and Panels

Visual Framings of Changing Orders event poster

May 18, 2015, 5:00pm-7:00pm
Harvard University Center for the Environment Seminar Room, 24 Oxford Street, 3rd Floor

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Program news

Missed our Science and Democracy Lecture with William D. Nordhaus? The video is now available!

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Former STS Fellow Tolu Odumosu and Venky Narayanamurti have a new article in Physics Today on the social science of creativity and research practice.

Our non-stipendiary fellowship application is now live. Apply by January 31st to join us as a fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year!

Ben Hurlbut, Kris Saha, and Sheila Jasanoff recently published an article on CRISPR in Issues.

The Fall 2015 STS Circle schedule is out now! Join us on Mondays, 12:15-2:00PM in Pierce 100F (unless otherwise noted).

Dreamscapes of Modernity: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Fabrication of Power, edited by Sheila Jasanoff and Sang-Hyun Kim, builds on research conducted as part of a National Science Foundation grant and was recently published by University of Chicago Press.

Spring 2015 STS Fellow Aleksandar Rankovic recently published an article in Science.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 STS Undergraduate Essay Prize Competition: Hilton Simmet, Bran Shim, and Rachel Taylor!

Former STS Fellow and current Secondary Field student, Ian McGoniglerecently published articles in Ethnos and in the Journal of Law and the Biosciences.

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